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February and March protests at NHS changes, welfare reform and council cuts

Where people are organising against cuts and why.

In February and March, local councils around the country will agree budgets and service cuts for the coming year.

The list of threatened services is frighteningly long. Adult care services (including home help for the elderly and people with disabilities), daycentres for people with disabilities and daycentres for the elderly, libraries, youth centres and youth support services - service and job losses are expected to be high around the country.

This story, for example, has major job losses on the cards as Birmingham City Council tries to cut £65m from budgets. Birmingham Unison says job and service losses are expected in areas like home care, CYPF children’s homes and adoption and fostering.

Bristol council has been consulting on job and service cuts to meet a £21m budget reduction (as it looks to borrow $50m for new projects). Local campaigners have been fighting plans to privatise care homes and other social care services.

Barnet council workers are planning strike action in February as staff protest at the council's mass-outsourcing plans. The council also proposes to cut another £43m from budgets by reducing services and introducing higher parking charges, among other ideas.

There is a more detailed list of proposed service cuts and job losses (and dates for council meetings) around the country here.

These cuts take place in an environment fraught with debate about the size of council reserves (at a substantial near-£11bn nationwide), increased charging for services for the most vulnerable service users (some councils are adding or increasing charges for care services and/or tightening eligibility criteria for care), massive increases in charges for carparking and council tax rises.

Plans for protests and protest planning meetings include:

- Open debate on Brighton budget cuts

- Manchester coalition against cuts annual and organising meeting and a lobby of Manchester council

- Lobby of Birmingham council meeting

- Lobby Lambeth council against the cuts demonstration

- National libaries day

There are also more demonstrations and debates planned around the government's highly-controversial NHS reform and welfare reform bills, including:

- What is happening to our NHS?

- Health and social care bill demonstration outside parliament

- vigil outside parliament to protest at the welfare reform bill.

Add your events here.


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