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Taking the fight to the government in 2013


Here's George Osborne in October 2010, boasting repeatedly and to comic effect of a "double dose of good news", and "the strongest growth for this part of the year for a decade".


And here are a few of the realities of "recovery" as we reach Christmas 2012:

Christmas foodbank handouts double as millions face financial precipice

Number of homeless families in B&Bs on the rise

75,000 of our children will wake up homeless on Christmas morning

Poor families lose out in council tax benefit cuts

There will be a lot of campaigning to do next year as people take the fight to the government on its appalling attacks on social security - council tax benefit cuts, the bedroom tax and continued cuts to council services, to name just a few. Campaigns and events are already being listed - so keep adding yours and spreading the word!

See you in 2013.


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VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure