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A Tale of Two Barnets: film premiere

A documentary about people in Barnet trying to cope with public sector cuts.

A documentary about the way people in Barnet are coping with public sector cuts and increased charges for services has been commended for giving the people of Barnet a voice.

Filmmaker Charles Honderick spent six months interviewing people around the London Borough of Barnet about their experiences. The film will premiere in Barnet on Monday at 6pm.

Award winning director Ken Loach gives the introduction in the film. “In this film, you'll hear some of the stories about the privations people are undergoing in austerity. It’s particularly savage if you are disabled, if you don't have much money, if you are old, and if you are young.”

Comments from some of the people who appear in the film:

Stan Davison, war veteran, member of Barnet 55+ forum
"The film's title "A Tale of Two Barnets" has a good local touch, yet relates to the national scene. The message is clear - 'broad campaigning  in unity.' As a war veteran, trade unionist and campaigning pensioner in the community, that suits me fine. We are in a people's fight. I am glad to be part of this action."

Bernard Cochrane – Operator Bushey Mill Care facility
"I got involved to express my concerns and raise awareness of issues. I specifically wanted to make people aware of the issues around the London borough of Barnet's 'independent' LATC [Local Authority Trading Company] and how it affects independent care providers."
John Sullivan – parent carer
"I wanted to appear in this film, because the voices of  those with a disability and the elderly are not being heard. I hope this film exposes to the general public the misinformation being distributed by Barnet councillors - where they are saying that everything in the garden is rosy and everybody has been meaningfully consulted  on the privatisation of support services, when that is simply untrue."

You can find out more about the film and the premiere on the film's website.

A film trailer:

See the rest of the film's trailers here.


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