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An important survey on the social care system

Carerwatch is running an important survey on people's experiences of the care system, which is under real attack as austerity cuts continue.

As Carerwatch says:

The care system in the UK today is desperately under funded and not fit for purpose. Every day we hear of local authorities closing, withdrawing or cutting back on essential facilities and services.

One of the areas causing great concerns is Community Care Assessments. (These are the assessments that councils carry out to decide the care services that people need).

CarerWatch is working with supportive MPs and collecting evidence of how members and other people are affected.

If you have experience of a Community Care Assessment, please complete this survey.


Please share the survey with others. Carerwatch will next be doing a survey on Carers’ Assessments. Please send any questions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

What is a life without adequate care like?

In this film, which False Economy made with the Daily Mirror last year, severely disabled Independent Living Fund recipient Mary Laver takes viewers through a day of high-level care.

She wanted to show people what that level of care really means. She also demonstrates how difficult her life would be if she relied on the massively underfunded council care system to meet all her care needs.

Mary Laver on disabled people's fight to save the Independent Living Fund from False Economy on Vimeo.


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