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August: join the anti fracking action camp in Blackpool

From No Dash For Gas:

This summer stand up for social, environmental and economic justice - August 14 - 20th.

We can now reveal that the action camp is going to take place at a site near Blackpool. We’re excited to stand in solidarity with the community groups on the front-line of the fight against fracking.

*Support the community fightback

*Get skilled up and take direct action

*Build the world you want to see

This year the target is fracking – a form of ‘extreme energy’ that threatens our human rights to a safe climate, clean water and a healthy local environment.

New fracking sites are being opened across the country every month. Up to 60% of England is under threat. Reclaim the Power will support a community on the frontline fighting fracking and join the dots between climate, social and economic justice

Alternatives exist here and now – we could create a million climate jobs, reduce energy demand and convert to community and publicly owned renewables

We need to reclaim OUR power. The government wants to drill under our homes, keep us hooked on fossil fuels and keep our energy in private, profiteering hands. Meanwhile, climate change is getting worse, fuel poverty is killing people and economic and social crises are hitting us harder every day.

We can stop this. We can stop fracking and build a democratic and clean energy system that works for us. The UK has a long history of civil disobedience, from the suffragettes to the disability rights movements.

We’ll share skills, meet friends, participate in workshops and take mass civil disobedience. Get involved and get inspired – let’s take on the frackers and win!
We CAN stop fracking in the UK!

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