False Economy ran from 2010-2015. The site is still online for research and archival use but is no longer being updated.
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Posts by Kate Belgrave

Barnet council’s mass outsourcing plan and the perils of privatisation

14 Nov 2012: Why Barnet council needs to rethink its big and bad privatisation plan.
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Workfare in court

27 Jun 2012: The High Court hears challenges on the legality of the government's workfare schemes.
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Disability hate crime, benefit “fraud” campaigns and the hardest hit

13 Jun 2012: Press campaigns against people on benefits and responses from a Hardest Hit conference.
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Stopped benefits and homelessness: the realities of drug and alcohol problems

23 May 2012: People talk about the challenges of keeping benefits and staying housed.
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Foodbank: our biggest client group now is people on low incomes

14 May 2012: As time goes on, more people on low incomes are struggling to meet housing and food bills.
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Video: The battle over Derbyshire county council youth services

29 Apr 2012: Service users and local people fight a Derbyshire county council proposal to cut youth service budgets and outsource.
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Video: why we need the NHS and why we need DLA

12 Apr 2012: More service users talk about the NHS, care, failing Atos assessments and welfare reform changes
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The ongoing fight for care

21 Mar 2012: As the cuts bite, people with disabilities face challenges to stay in their own homes.
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The chaos for families caught in care cuts

13 Mar 2012: The first in our series of interviews with those dealing first-hand with swingeing cuts to benefits and local services.
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US women in workfare talk about their lives

14 Feb 2012: New York workfare workers talk about the programme and their experience of the sanctions process.
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How US workfare punished minorities and the poor

20 Jan 2012: Kate Belgrave says flawed and punitive US workfare is no model for the UK
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Council cuts deepen in 2012

16 Jan 2012: Kate Belgrave's essential survey of upcoming local government budget cuts
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The cruel truth about US workfare

11 Jan 2012: Unemployed welfare recipients have been forced to do the work once done by paid employees.
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Don’t be old, don’t be ill: one year of council cuts

25 Nov 2011: Kate Belgrave surveys a year of council cuts that have often hit society's most vulnerable
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Photo essay: Barnet’s disastrous privatisation of elderly care

18 Oct 2011: How low-paid careworkers fought for decent conditions and a better service.
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Union fights bizarre council’s plans to “privatise the cuts”

9 Sep 2011: Things are getting weird at Barnet council, even for Barnet council.
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure