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Posts by Michael Burke

Osborne says austerity is driven by one key aim: to cut the deficit. He has failed even to do that

24 Jul 2012: Britain's budget deficit is now rising, not falling.
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We rescued the banks. Here’s how they can help us rescue the economy.

28 Sep 2011: There is a growing momentum behind the idea that the government's holdings in high street banks should be used for investment to boost the economy
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GDP: dire figures – and may be about to get worse

26 Jul 2011: This depression will not be as severe as the Great Depression, but – because of similar policies now as then – it is likely to last even longer.
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Osborne inherited a falling deficit – and proceeded to increase it

24 May 2011: The latest public borrowing figures show that the government’s cuts policy has failed to work even for its stated objective: reducing the deficit.
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure