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Posts by Richard Exell

Council tax – the reform that is needed and the cuts that will actually happen

2 Nov 2012: In this excellent post, Richard Exell explains the inequalities of council tax and the problems that cuts to council tax benefit will cause.
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Statistics from Measuring National Wellbeing show us what stagnation looks like

23 Oct 2012: Richard Exell on stagnation and the fall in net national income per head.
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Who’s next for the downalator? (*): More forecasts for GDP slashed

2 Sep 2012: More reasons to conclude that the Office for Budget Responsibility was always too optimistic about austerity.
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GDP: one chart and recession

25 Apr 2012: Richard Exell on the dual dangers of recession and low growth.
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Benefit fraud - the levels are very low

27 Feb 2012: Official figures show the low levels of benefit fraud
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure