False Economy ran from 2010-2015. The site is still online for research and archival use but is no longer being updated.
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Posts by Chaminda Jayanetti

Exclusive: More than 2,000 charities and community groups face cuts

2 Aug 2011: Exclusive False Economy research reveals how cuts are choking the Big Society one year on from its launch
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Our NHS job cuts probe exposes myth that only ‘bureaucrats’ will go

28 Feb 2011: Having spent most of last week furiously denying False Economy’s NHS job cuts figures, the government has finally conceded that the number of clinical jobs in the health service could fall.
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Retired or dead: the real winners from Clegg’s ‘fair’ fees

9 Dec 2010: The new dodgy dossier - how the government's claim that its tuition fees policy is progressive rests on graduates retiring, getting injured or dying prematurely.
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure