False Economy ran from 2010-2015. The site is still online for research and archival use but is no longer being updated.
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Posts by Simon Birch

Ethical Consumer: why we’re pursuing a boycott of Amazon

7 Jan 2013: Simon Birch on the tax dodging issue and Ethical Consumer's Amazon boycott.
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Ethical Consumer event on tax justice: How do we stop corporate tax dodging?

6 Sep 2012: Tackling tax havens - from the Cayman Islands to your local council: getting corporations to pay their fair share of tax.
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The Great Olympic tax swindle

4 Jul 2012: Ethical Consumer report shows multinationals sponsoring the Games are set to avoid paying millions of pounds in tax
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Say no to tax avoidance for public service providers

20 Mar 2012: Some of the companies profiting from the privatisation of public services are the least ethical.
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Research exposes ethical deficit at the heart of companies taking over public sector

16 Sep 2011: Public services industry has a woeful record on tax dodging, environmental protection, human rights, and in many other areas
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure