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Boycott Workfare calls for sanctions stories

16 Jun 2013: With your help, Boycott Workfare would like to highlight the devastating impact that benefit sanctions are having on people’s lives by collecting together experiences of benefit sanctions.
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Boycott workfare week of action: 18 to 24 March

4 Feb 2013: Join the fierce resistance to workfare that has already caused many high street names and national charities to pull out of the scheme.
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Protest at workfare with a Workfare Walk of Shame on your High Street

5 Apr 2012: Kings Heath Against Workfare explains how a walk of shame helps to spread the word about workfare.
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Workfare: why the 50% “success” rate is no success at all

28 Feb 2012:
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure