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Posts by caroline molloy

The interests really driving NHS reforms

24 May 2013: Whose interests are really driving NHS reforms? As Caroline Molloy says in this article from OpenDemocracy - Our NHS, the latest move by former Health Secretary Alan Milburn provides a clue.
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After Section 75 - where next for NHS campaigners?

9 May 2013: The House of Lords recently voted to open up the NHS to far more private sector competition. The overwhelming opposition fell on deaf ears. Caroline Molloy asks: where do we go from here?
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Experts speak: why section 75 NHS privatisation regulations are such a threat

23 Apr 2013: Caroline Molloy explains why the NHS privatisation regulations (which will be voted on in the Lords tomorrow) present such a danger to the NHS.
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Crunch time looms: experts speak out against NHS privatisation regulations

5 Apr 2013: It is hard to overstate the implications for the public of the NHS privatisation regulations going through parliament. Caroline Molloy speaks to a range of experts about these regulations and why everyone should be very, very worried.
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Amend in haste, repent at leisure - the NHS privatisation battle is still on

12 Mar 2013: Caroline Molloy: no-one voted for NHS privatisation, it’s not in the coalition agreement, it won’t save money and it won’t provide better results.
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Urgent: 5 ways you can help beat the privatisation threat to the NHS

24 Feb 2013: There's just over a month to stop legislation which will open up the NHS to compulsory competitive markets and the private sector.
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How Gloucestershire campaigners stopped NHS privatisation

12 Nov 2012: People power keeps community hospitals in the NHS
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A glimmer of hope: we can stop the privatisation of the NHS

1 May 2012: Campaigner Caroline Molloy explains how Gloucestershire people stopped a major NHS privatisation decision.
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Keep our NHS Public Gloucestershire campaign guides

1 May 2012: How to get information from NHS decisionmakers and how to influence them.
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