False Economy ran from 2010-2015. This site is no longer being updated, but the False Economy research team continue to report at Sentinel News.
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Posts by Joe Halewood

Bedroom tax – why reclassification is best for landlords and councils

1 Aug 2013: Joe Halewood with more on room size and lifting households out of the bedroom tax.
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Bedroom tax and the ‘tenant power bloc’ forming – landlords and IDS beware!

30 May 2013: Joe Halewood on the rise and rise of tenant mobilisation against the bedroom tax and what that will mean for Iain Duncan Smith and social housing landlords
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What is a bedroom?: significant new bedroom tax challenges emerge

16 Feb 2013: Joe Halewood asks: what is the legal definition of a bedroom for bedroom tax purposes - and is there even one?
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More on the rotten maths and misinformation used to justify the bedroom tax…

3 Feb 2013: Joe Halewood on more of the real numbers behind bedroom tax and why the housing benefit bill will rise and rise with it.
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More problems with the bedroom tax and why it will add to the welfare bill

25 Jan 2013: What is an acceptable bedroom size? What definitions of underoccupation is the government working to? Will the courts be flooded as the government gets this wrong?
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The overall benefit cap should be abandoned, not just delayed

3 Jan 2013: Joe Halewood on the many, many holes in the government's overall benefit cap theory.
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Why paying housing benefits direct to tenants is better for social landlords

22 Aug 2012: Joe Halewood talks about the reality of paying arrears with the overall benefit cap.
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Social housing decline – why has it happened?

14 Jul 2012: Why isn't more made of the massive economic benefits that social housing brings?
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There is a fundamental systemic flaw in Universal Credit

21 Jun 2012: How differing rent, benefit and average earning increases will lead to problems housing larger families.
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Latest Housing Benefit figures – £4bn over target and PRS largesse

20 Apr 2012: Joe Halewood argues that it is time for a radical rethink of housing benefit policy and the private rental sector's role
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