False Economy ran from 2010-2015. The site is still online for research and archival use but is no longer being updated.
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Posts by Birmingham Against The Cuts

A list of completely ridiculous benefit sanctions people have experienced

13 Jul 2013: Birmingham Against Cuts presents cases of benefit sanctions that they’ve come across online, in newspapers and parliamentary debates.
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Universal credit rollout delayed, but workfare for workers set to start

12 Jul 2013: More about the growing failure that is Universal Credit - and also, join Birmingham Against the Cuts this weekend to protest at workfare!
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Austerity isn’t working but Osborne will extend it

26 Jun 2013: The excellent Birmingham Against the cuts on real stories of austerity and spending reviews
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The Tories threaten to completely corrupt our justice system

7 Jun 2013: The excellent Birmingham Against Cuts on the government's campaign of destruction against our justice system.
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How the bedroom tax is unfolding: Birmingham council report shows impact

27 Apr 2013: A report presented to this week’s Birmingham City Council Cabinet puts numbers and places to the horrific impact of the bedroom tax and benefit cap in Birmingham.
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Tax cut for the richest, tax increase for the poorest and social security attacked

7 Apr 2013: Birmingham against cuts on the unfairness of tax cuts for the rich and tax increases for the poorest.
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A response to Mark Hoban’s lies: workfare doesn’t work

19 Mar 2013: Birmingham Against Cuts lays out the case against workfare.
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Bimingham: a bitter fight against austerity measures

27 Feb 2013: Scores of protesters block Birmingham council house and demand that councillors stand up and fight austerity.
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Birmingham cuts: protest days organised for next week

18 Feb 2013: On 26 February, Birmingham City Council will meet to vote on the cuts amounting to £102m this year and £625m by 2016 to 2017.
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The impact of benefit cuts: a Birmingham perspective

23 Jan 2013: A few reasons why Birmingham is seeing a growing resistance to "austerity."
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Birmingham Law Centre faces closure as council refuses funding

10 Jan 2013: Access to legal advice threatened even further as more and more people require it.
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2012: the year austerity economics started to unravel

1 Jan 2013: Very interesting post from Birmingham Against Cuts on austerity's failures and alternatives.
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Calls to set deficit budgets: anger and passion at Birmingham council meeting

19 Dec 2012: Birmingham council is to make further massive cuts: residents responded with fury at a meeting last night.
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The golden mug, Osborne’s Autumn statement and tax dodgers who should pay

2 Dec 2012: Birmingham Against the Cuts on Osborne's looming Autumn statement and taking on tax dodgers.
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From Birmingham: welfare reforms make child poverty target “unachievable”

16 Sep 2012: A look at how Universal Credit and welfare "reform" affects Birmingham.
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure