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The handing of a whole council to Capita: this is how they’ll come for the NHS

7 Aug 2013: A judicial review decision will allow Capita to take over almost all our Barnet council services and use them as a source of huge profit for their shareholders. Read this to see how residents' concerns were ignored.
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One Barnet: the Judicial Review finding - a moral victory, out of time

29 Apr 2013: The excellent Mrs Angry on today's Barnet council outsourcing judicial review application decision - and why it is vital to fight on to save public services.
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Your Choice? Bad choice: care services to take another hit at Barnet

3 Mar 2013: Barnet slashes careworker jobs and salaries: the real stories behind the provision of care to people who desperately need it.
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Barnet: a judicial review upsets the council and its privatisation plans

1 Feb 2013: A court action in Barnet is clearly troubling councillors as they try to push through their privatisation plans...
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Occupied Friern Barnet library: ‘The Council’s position has changed’

14 Jan 2013: More on the fight to keep Friern Barnet library in community hands and how community pressure can wrongfoot a council.
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The Friern Barnet people’s library and their day in court

18 Dec 2012: Blogger Mrs Angry on the occupation of Friern Barnet library and what the protest means for all.
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