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Disabled People Against Cuts: starting 7 days of action to reclaim our futures!

25 Aug 2013: The week of action against cuts, austerity and to fight for the rights of disabled people starts this week on 29 August.
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Week of action: protest against austerity, fight for rights and celebrate disabled people!

14 Aug 2013: Our history is full of examples of how disabled community has come together when under attack to fight - and win. Join the Reclaiming Our Futures actions.
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Bedroom tax judicial review judgment and vigil on Tuesday morning

29 Jul 2013: Disabled people and supporters will gather outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Tuesday as the judgment in the 'bedroom tax' legal challenge is handed down.
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Disabled People Against Cuts: 7 days of action to reclaim our futures!

23 Jul 2013: Join this year’s week of action to protest against austerity, fight for our rights and celebrate disabled people.
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Lies, damned lies and Iain Duncan Smith’s “statistics”

27 Jun 2013: The DWP will shortly release its annual report. DPAC is celebrating this by releasing a report showing how the DWP and DWP Ministers make claims which are simply untrue.
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Independent Living Fund users deserve respect, not contempt

17 Mar 2013: Stuart Bracking on the reasons why people with severe disabilities must continue to be supported in independent living.
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Vigil at court hearing: save the Independent Living Fund

11 Mar 2013: Come and support the six disabled people who are going to court to fight the government's decision to close the Independent Living Fund.
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WCA descriptors fail, DWP fails, Atos fails: a case study

18 Jan 2013: DPAC publishes a recent case which calls the ESA work capability assessment further into question.
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Changes to mobility allowances under PIP – ask your MP to stop this injustice!

13 Jan 2013: Thousand of people are likely to lose their entitlement to mobility allowances under government plans.
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VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure