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Barnet council mass privatisation plans in court today: #BarnetJR

From the Barnet Alliance For Public Services:

Join us today for the appeal hearing to keep fighting Barnet Council's mass-outsourcing programme: Monday and Tuesday 15 and 16 July, 9:30 for 10am start, at the High Court, The Strand.

Please support Maria Nash, who is fighting a legal battle for us all, to stop the undemocratic mass-privatisation of Barnet council services by Crapita. Your council could be next! And probably will be at this rate.

For more information and to offer your support, see: http://barnetalliance.org/

The Appeal on Monday is listed before The Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Davis and Lady Justice Gloster at 10:30am in court 71.

Background On 7 May, lawyers acting on behalf of Maria Nash lodged an appeal against the refusal to allow a judicial review of the One Barnet programme. The One Barnet programme is a widely-discredited Barnet council plan to privatise council services.

Major contracts have already been handed to Capita. The refusal to allow the judicial review was made on the technical grounds that the request for a judicial review was brought out of time.

The court has issued the appeal and it has been served to Barnet Council’s lawyers, to Capita and to the other parties.

The legal team is confident that the grounds for the appeal are promising. The appeal is based on the substantial endorsement of Judge Underhill of Maria Nash’s argument that Barnet Council had failed to consult residents about a fundamental change to the way

Council services are delivered and governed, under the One Barnet outsourcing programme. Maria Nash was granted legal aid for the appeal and she is now waiting for a hearing date from the Court of Appeal. The legal team will challenge the judge’s ruling on delay, arguing that he has not followed a House of Lords ruling on what is meant by a “final decision”.

Twitter: #BarnetJR


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