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The Billion Pound Gamble - new film about cuts and privatisation in Barnet

At 6pm on Monday 22 October, the first screening of a brand new film about life in an era of council cuts and outsourcing in the London Borough of Barnet will be take place at the Phoenix Cinema in Finchley.

The film explores how the people of Barnet are coping with changes to parking, cuts to care budgets and the effects that the council’s One Barnet outsourcing programme is having on the lives of residents.

The film will feature interviews with residents from all walks of life in Barnet detailing their experiences of life in 2012. Interviews with Olympic Torchbearers, gold medal winners from the special Olympics, local business people and stories from carers and disabled people are interspersed with some of the landmark sites and local events which have happened in Barnet in 2012.

The film is the followup to the highly claimed "Tale of Two Barnets" and has been directed by Charles Honderick and produced by Roger Tichborne, who runs the acclaimed Barneteye blog.

The film has been made in direct response to requests from local people who saw "A Tale of Two Barnets" and wanted to see the stories behind the stories.

After the success of the film, many people approached the director and producer and wanted to participate in a follow up. The production team found that "A Tale of Two Barnets" had only scratched the surface of the story.

This film lifts the lid on the real life stories of the people you never get to see and tells you the stories that Barnet council does not want you to hear.

Charles Honderick said:

“The response to the film (A Tale of Two Barnets) has been overwhelming. So much has changed and moved on since January, when we finished filming the film. I have been inundated with requests to make a follow up.

We have also received several donations from ordinary members of the public to help with the costs. It reached the point where it would have been impossible not to make a follow up".

John Burgess UNISON Branch Secretary said:

 “I would encourage every Barnet resident and UNISON member to try and get along to this screening. Barnet is a great place to live and work but we believe the council’s One Barnet Programme could change all that. In these difficult times, it is even more important for politicians to listen to the views and concerns of Barnet residents”

Find out more at the film's website: http://www.billionpoundgamble.co.uk/.


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