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Bedroom tax judicial review judgment and vigil on Tuesday morning

Vigil outside Royal Courts of Justice: 9.30am Tuesday 30 July

Disabled people and supporters will gather outside the Royal Courts of Justice tomorrow morning as the judgment in the 'bedroom tax' legal challenge, which will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of the most disadvantaged people across the country, is handed down.  

In May, lawyers for ten disabled people and their families challenged the government's decision to cut housing benefit for recipients living in properties deemed too large during a three day hearing.

The bedroom tax discriminates against disabled people who need extra rooms for reasons related to their impairment and who cannot take up government suggestions of going out to work to make up the shortfall.

Two thirds of the 660,000 people affected nationally by the bedroom tax are disabled. The government knew the bedroom tax would have a disproportionate impact on disabled people but decided not to make an exemption for disabled adults because the scheme would then have been unable to make the savings they intended.

Linda Burnip from Disabled People Against Cuts said,

" People who have had thousands of pounds worth of adaptations made to their homes are being forced to move. Replacing those adaptations will cost councils far more money than this policy will save. As usual with DWP policies it is ill-thought through and makes no financial or moral sense to penalise disabled people in this way."

We say that no one should have to move and the answer is to build more social housing. A legal victory against this rotten policy would highlight how unworkable and unfair the government's so-called welfare reforms really are.

The vigil has been called by the Anti Bedroom Tax Federation and Disabled People Against Cuts.

Notes for editors
1) Two thirds of the people affected by the bedroom tax nationally (around 420,000 out of 660,000) are disabled people
2) The challenge against the government was brought by 10 families through a three day hearing from 15 to 18 May: http://www.leighday.co.uk/News/2013/May-2013/Bedroom-Tax-Challenge-at-the-High-Court-(1)
3) Aragon Housing has recently published a report on the first 100 days of the bedroom tax that evidences the disproportionate impact on disabled people as many other issues that make it unworkable
4) Disabled People Against Cuts is a national campaign led by disabled people, set up to oppose the government's attacks being carried out in the name of welfare reform. For more information see http://www.dpac.uk.net
5) The Anti-Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation is a federation of anti bedroom tax and benefit justice campaigns across England and Wales. We were formed in May 2013 shortly after the launch of the Scotland Anti Bedroom Tax Federation. For more information see: http://www.antibedroomtax.org.uk


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