False Economy ran from 2010-2015. This site is no longer being updated, but the False Economy research team continue to report at Sentinel News.
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Benefit cuts will force thousands to default on council tax – new research

Today's Guardian features a report – based on False Economy research – which reveals that local authorities expect thousands of poor residents will be unable to pay council tax following cuts to vital benefits.

This follows our earlier research revealing that local authorities are being forced to cut council tax support to some of their most vulnerable residents.

We told the Guardian:

“Having wrecked the economy with its brutal cuts and privatisations, the government is waging all-out war on low-paid workers, disabled people, and those unable to find work in our jobless economy.

“This latest assault will force people to choose between paying council tax and feeding their families, while councils chase them for money they simply do not have. It’s a new poll tax in the making – and the government should beware the consequences of driving people to default on their debts.

“Councils have a responsibility to mitigate and counter these cuts, but ultimate blame rests with the Conservative-led government that is slashing funding from on high. For Eric Pickles to point the finger at local councils for this mess of his own making is like an arsonist blaming firefighters for the fire.”

Read the full report.


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