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Ethical Consumer event on tax justice: How do we stop corporate tax dodging?

Simon Birch from Ethical Consumer on an upcoming event on the all-important issue of getting corporations to pay their fair share of tax:

Building on the success of their recent Olympic tax avoidance campaign, Ethical Consumer magazine is this month hosting an event on the issue of tax justice.

Campaigners and experts will join members of the public to discuss the impact of tax havens the world over and talk about what action can be taken to halt their use.

Organiser Tim Hunt said, “The tax justice movement is really gaining momentum, from the introduction of country by country reporting in Norway, to procurement criteria in French local authorities. We hope that this event will inspire more people to take action against those companies avoiding tax and to start to pressure local councils in making positive changes to their procurement procedures here in the UK. In this time of great austerity, we need corporations paying their fair share of tax to help ensure the survival of our public services.”

Speakers will include tax expert Richard Murphy whose highly influential blog, Tax Research UK, has helped bring the issue to the attention of the public and begin to force the debate.

Richard will be joined by Chris Jordon from leading campaign group ActionAid as they discuss the impact of tax avoidance on the developing world and the need
for country by country reporting - the key ask now being demanded by tax justice campaigners.

The debate will later move onto a local level with UK Uncut discussing the success of their street level actions and continuing campaign against the UK's worst corporate tax avoiders.

Tim Hunt and Leonnie Nimmo will then talk about Ethical Consumer's exciting new tax justice campaign. They are hoping to follow the lead of French campaigners and work alongside local councils to introduce criteria into public sector procurement that will stop public contracts going to companies that use tax havens.

Tackling Tax Havens
Friday September 28t
The Human Rights Action Centre
17-25 New Inn Yard, London

For more information on the event and this issue, visit Ethical Consumer.

See Simon's very popular recent blog on the great Olympic tax swindle


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