False Economy ran from 2010-2015. This site is no longer being updated, but the False Economy research team continue to report at Sentinel News.
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False Economy at Netroots UK 2012

Come and join False Economy at Netroots UK on 30 June in Central London!

Come and join False Economy at Netroots UK on 30 June in Central London!

Netroots is a one day conference for grassroots activists and campaigners, aimed at getting the UK’s Netroots together for training, network building and strategy discussion.
This is the third Netroots event, modelled in part on the annual US activist mega conference Netroots Nation (which took place in Rhode Island last week), and this time round it will have a specific focus on the continuing campaign to protect our NHS.

False Economy is one of the partners for the event and we’ll be there, organising workshops on measuring the impact of the changes to the NHS from the Health and Social Care Bill, and featuring people who have successfully gone through the courts to protect local services from cuts and privatisation.
Lots of our guest bloggers will also be speaking at the event, in sessions covering topics like using the new NHS structures to protect local services from within, or linking together activism on the impact of austerity and cuts on women.
Other workshops will debate topics such as how the Netroots can make the case for economic alternatives to austerity, and how we can sustain new activist movements. And on top of that there will be training sessions on digital communications skills, or campaigning skills, learning from professionals and campaign case studies to help you build your own campaigns online.
It’s a day for everyone involved in progressive activism in the UK, be they local services campaigners, equality activists, trades unionists, environmentalists, political activists or more. Hopefully everyone will leave the day with new skills, better contacts with others who can help them, and inspiration from stories from across the progressive movement. It could be a real shot in the arm for grassroots activism against the government’s programme of cuts and austerity.
Tickets will set you back £5 (free for unwaged participants), and can be bought online here.


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