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IDS to answer questions at parliament today about the Universal Credit disaster…

Iain Duncan Smith must answer questions today about his disastrous universal credit scheme and the DWP's misuse of benefits statistics. You can follow events here.

If he shows up, the session will go a bit like this (from the work and pensions committee page):

Time and witnesses:

4.30 pm, Monday 9 December, Wilson Room, Portcullis House

Department for Work and Pensions

Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
Lord Freud, Minister for Welfare Reform
Howard Shiplee CBE, Universal Credit Director General
Mike Driver, Finance Director General

Purpose of the session

Universal Credit: The Committee held an oral evidence session on Universal Credit implementation with the Secretary of State on 10 July. This session will follow up the findings of the National Audit Office and Public Accounts Committee reports on Universal Credit, which have since been published.

DWP statistics: The Committee held an oral evidence session with DWP officials on 10 July to examine the way in which benefit statistics are released to the media. This session will provide an opportunity for the Committee to put points raised in that session to the Secretary of State.

DWP Annual Report & Accounts 2012-13: Publication of the DWP Annual Report and Accounts (ARA) for 2012-13 was expected at the end of June but has been delayed. Publication is now expected in the next few weeks. The Committee’s normal practice is to hold an oral evidence session with the Secretary of State and Permanent Secretary on administration and expenditure issues arising from the ARA. Given the importance of focusing on Universal Credit in the session on 9 December, the Committee intends to hold a further session, to cover wider aspects of DWP’s performance, in the new year.

Watch this space.

Read this post about IDS and his blatant misuse of statistics when reporting on benefits and people who are on benefits.

And this morning, the work and pensions committee will also hear from Mike Penning MP, the new Minister for Disabled People about the introduction of the personal independence payment system. The committee says that "wider issues relating to contractors’ capacity to deliver all Medical Services Contract assessments and reassessments to the proposed timescales, including Work Capability Assessments, will also be discussed."

Watch that space too. That's another disaster area.


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