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Investigating Companies: a do-it-yourself handbook from Corporate Watch

From Serco and G4S to Atos and Circle Health and the companies taking over your local council and health services - companies cause a lot of problems for a lot of people.

But finding information about them can be tricky.

You need to do it though. The more you know about a company that is threatening to take over your services, the more effective a challenge against it can be. Basic details like who owns it and how much money it's making can be difficult to find, though - unless you know where to look.
To help with this, Corporate Watch has just released "Investigating Companies: A Do-It-Yourself Handbook" for anyone who has a problem with a company and wants to know more about it.

The handbook shows how to find lots of useful company details - such as who owns and runs a company, the impact of its operations and the contracts it has with government. It includes guides to company law, ownership and financing. It also shows you how read company accounts and to make Freedom of Information requests and includes lots of useful company, government, business information links and sources.

According to Professor Sue Richards from Keep Our NHS Public, it “helps to make the task of concerned citizens a little less daunting”.  
You can order a copy, or read the whole handbook online on the Corporate Watch website.


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