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Let’s focus on the real cheats

via Louise Whittle:

Millionaire Iain Duncan Smith thinks he can live on £53…. And a petition, which has been signed by thousands, calling on IDS to do just that… live on £53. Not just for a week but for months and see whether he still claims it was easy to do.

And of course on April 1, an apt day, the attacks on the benefits system started. Yet still the constant screaming headlines about benefits claimants on the scrounge. It’s always about getting tough on ‘em as well, especially with Esther McVey as parliamentary under secretary for Work and Pensions and she’s got a lot to say… about those so-called bogus claimants. While this article is rather coy about stating which official DWP stats.

Only 232,000 – one in eight of those tested so far – have been deemed by doctors to be too unwell to do any sort of work.

Another 837,000 who did take the test were found to be fit to work immediately, and a further 367,300 were judged able to do some level of work.

The figures showed that 878,300 people – around a third of the 2.6million who were claiming incapacity benefit – have chosen to drop their claims rather than face a medical. A Department for Work and Pensions document said 1.44million Incapacity Benefit reassessments have so far been carried out by doctors.

The Fail gets all frothy and apoplectic yet omits from this piece is that the medical assessment is essentially harder, narrowed the definition of “limited capability for work” and if this right-wing rag wants to throw around the word “bogus” they should in relation to the way these assessments are carried out by Atos.

And neither does the report mentions the successful appealsfunny that! These articles don’t give the full story, they distort the facts, mislead the reader, and are known to tell lies. Also, people may have dropped their claims not due to the fact they are lying about their medical condition but due to feeling victimised and distressed by the whole process. Shouldn’t the Fail be wondering where these people are going once they drop out of the benefits system?

Somehow… I doubt it.

The reality of these myths and distortions create demonisation of the unemployed.

People are believing this rubbish as seen with the research published by the TUC. But what is appalling is the number of people who ring up, anonymously, these free benefit “grass up your neighbour you dislike” fraud helpline. Majority (96%) are apparently malicious or timewasting. What does this show? It shows the government is colluding and condoning this behaviour by encouraging people to make false allegations (and they can… anonymously).

Not only anti-social but it rots away at the social fabric of society. It causes misery for the person under investigation and further victimisation. The problem is for the Left, is that the “benefit scroungers” narrative has been very successful. Language that stokes the fire of hate… and constant drip-drip of “benefit fraudsters” peddled on a daily basis is seen as true. It’s not challenged, it is accepted.. While Labour sits in silence and on their hands.

While the right-wing uses “benefit fraud” as a distraction, wielding the ideological axe to smash the working class as well as indulging in good old divide and rule… whatever about true fraudsters…

At the end of 2011 Tax Justice Network published a report on tax theft:

The total lost to tax evasion globally as $3.1 trillion. The figure for the UK in the report is £69.9 billion in the UK.

Now that’s something to get really angry about…..


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