False Economy ran from 2010-2015. This site is no longer being updated, but the False Economy research team continue to report at Sentinel News.
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New campaign and NHS structure guides on False Economy

This is a short post to direct you to some of the new campaign guides that we've uploaded to the site.

These guides and information have been put together for people who want to learn more about how they can get involved in and influence new NHS structures, and how to campaign to fight privatisation and outsourcing across the public sector.

Campaigning groups around the country have successfully challenged cuts and outsourcing decisions through the courts. Some of those experiences and expertise informs the guides we are collating.

We will be adding to these guides over the next few weeks.

Guide one: Make the NHS work for us – not for big business (PDF)

This is a guide to the NHS’s new structures. The Health and Social Care Act is now law. The Act outlines the basic policy that will underpin the NHS, but it does not give detail. The detail of the policy will be determined through secondary legislation and the ways that these regulations will be carried out will be determined locally.

This is where you can get involved: join the organisations that are being set up and volunteer your time to make the NHS work for our benefit and not for the benefit of big business. Read the full guide to participation here.

Thanks to the superb Richard Blogger, whose work forms the basis of this guide. Thanks also to Lucy at @SomersetLINk whose NHS chart is included in the guide.

Guide two: Protecting the NHS from privatisation - suggested questions and approaches for campaigners

Public opinion is still strongly against more private involvement in the NHS, so decisions to privatise services are often taken secretively, or hidden behind confusing rhetoric, and then presented as a done deal.

This detailed guide suggests how to ask questions, who and where to ask, what to ask, what to ask next, and what to do with the information that you find.

Thanks go to Caroline Molloy at Stroud Against The Cuts for her outstanding work on this guide. Caroline is one of the activists who was involved in the successful campaign through the courts to stop a major Gloucestershire NHS outsourcing deal earlier this year.

We will be adding to these guides over the coming weeks and months, so keep watching this space for more. You're welcome to leave details of other good campaign guides and information in the comments.


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