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NHS: 3 great ways to lobby the Lords

The Health and Social Care Bill – which threatens to rip up the NHS – moves to the House of Lords on 11 October. Here are three great ways to lobby a Lord from the comfort of your computer.

Lords don't get lobbied by the public as much as MPs – which means our intervention is more likely to get noticed. All three websites offer tips on what to say, but you could start by reminding the Lords of yesterday's open letter from nearly 400 health experts warning the bill puts patient safety at risk.

Adopt a peer Peer Pressure Contact a Lord

It doesn't really matter which tool you use, as long as you do use one. In fact, why not try all three, and target three different Peers? And then join the Block the Bill protest on Westminster Bridge, this Sunday 9 October.

URGENT UPDATE 11/10/11: Please send a message to the Lords TODAY asking them to support Lord Owen and Lord Hennessy's amendment to move part 3 of the Bill – which deals with competition – to a special Select Committee to be studied in depth. Voting on this takes place tomorrow (Weds 12 Oct).


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