False Economy ran from 2010-2015. This site is no longer being updated, but the False Economy research team continue to report at Sentinel News.
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Our latest research: GPs now in a majority on less than a third of CCG boards

This weekend, Pulse Magazine reported False Economy's latest research - numbers which show that GP representation on CCG boards has substantially decreased since clinical commissioning groups were in shadow form. GPs now make up the majority of board members at just 29% of CCGs.

As Pulse reports:

"The data, collected by the TUC-funded campaign group False Economy, is the most comprehensive analysis to date of the make-up of fully-fledged CCG boards. It reveals that GPs constitute some 43% of all board members - down from 49% in 2012 - and that the proportion of boards where GPs are in the majority has almost halved over the same period, from 56% to 29%.

Andrew Lansley, the health secretary who introduced the Health and Social Care Act, told GPs the original purpose of the reforms was to ‘give you and your colleagues in general practice the responsibility to shape services’.

But GP leaders have said that these latest figures support the growing feeling that CCGs are ‘more like PCTs, with strong managerial diktats’, at the same time as one of the country’s most senior GP commissioner leaders told Pulse that ‘centralism’ is threatening to ‘destroy’ primary care."

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