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Research shows how cuts will increase inequality between men and women

Unravelling Equality reportCuts in public spending will increase inequality between women and men and may seriously affect the human rights of some of the most vulnerable women, according to a new report by the Centre for Human Rights in Practice at University of Warwick and Coventry Women’s Voices.

The report, Unravelling Equality: A Human Rights and Equality Impact Assessment on the spending cuts on women in Coventry, examines the impact of cuts on women in Coventry, but the effects described will be seen across the UK.

It is the combined impact of the cuts that will be particularly damaging. Many women won’t just be affected by one cut, they will face a whole series of cuts – to welfare benefits, housing benefits and local services. And cuts to legal aid will mean that organisations like Coventry Law Centre will not be able to provide the support for women to challenge what is happening to them.

Dr James Harrison of the University of Warwick’s Centre for Human Rights in Practice said:

‘This assessment shows how a range of different cuts will all disproportionately impact on women. Public authorities both nationally and here in Coventry have legal obligations under the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act to promote equality and protect human rights. They need to take these obligations very seriously when making decisions about budget cuts.’

Mary-Ann Stephenson is Chair of Coventry Women's Voices.


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