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Second court case to save the Independent Living Fund will go ahead

Great news from Disabled People Against Cuts:

"Permission has now been granted and the second  ILF Court Case will go ahead.

The papers went to a judge this week and he has granted both permission and expedition (which means speeding up the usual timetable for the court case).

The hearing should be “as soon as possible”, which could mean anything at the moment, as the judges are on holiday and the court has a very bad backlog, but we would hope we will get a trial date for some time in September/October as planned.

On behalf of all ILF recipients we’d like to say a continuing thank you to those involved in taking the case. We know from experience just how gruelling and stressful taking legal challenges can be and we offer our solidarity with you all."

The Independent Living Fund is the fund used by severely disabled people to pay for the extra personal assistants and carer hours they need to live independent lives. The government tried to close the ILF last year, but that decision was overturned by the courts. Now, the government is trying to close the fund again.

In this video, ILF receipient Penny Pepper explains how the ILF made it possible for her to leave home as an adult and set up her own independent life:


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