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Sign Pat’s petition against cuts to disability services

Pat Onion, who is both disabled and her husband's carer, explains why she launched her petition

It was no longer enough for disabled people to do nothing and trust that the powers that be would look after us. Something had to be done – so I did.

Pat's petition was created by a group of friends who are all disabled or carers – in my own case both as I am registered blind and a carer for my husband. The name was chosen as it was felt it would relate to all groups whether as disabled people, carers, families or those who want to help.

We have had incredible support from so many but without the membership lists of larger organisations we have had to search out everyone who wants to support us. This takes all our limited energy and time.

Disabled people, their carers and families face a double whammy. Cuts by the government to our vital disability allowances makes it impossible for us to exist, let alone have a life. Cuts to local services mean we become virtual prisoners in our own homes. Any income we should receive as a result of long term illness or disability the government is taking away. They tell us we must work which, for so many, is totally beyond our capability.
For far too long we have had to put up with the media labelling us as 'scroungers' and 'cheats'. Nothing is further from the truth: through no fault of our own we have to live our lives trapped in broken bodies and minds that can not function as society and the government dictates.

How many realise how close they could be to becoming a carer? Or suffer an accident that results in them becoming dependent on 'crumbs'  grudgingly given? Under the proposed cuts some of us will be left with nothing.

Something had to be done to make the government realise that they can not continue destroying our lives so Pat's petition was born. Only with your help will I reach the target of 100,000 signatures.


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