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Support the teachers’ strike: 26 March 2014

On Wednesday, National Union of Teachers members will go on strike. NUT reps say that the strike is being called because the teaching profession is under unprecedented attack. Teachers are being made to work until 68 and beyond, have had a 15% pay cut and are leaving the profession in droves due to excessive workload.

Christine Blower, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“The NUT announced national strike action in England and Wales on 26 March as a result of the Education Secretary’s refusal to meet to discuss the matters over which both ourselves and the NASUWT are in dispute: pay, pensions, jobs and workload. Whilst Michael Gove, by accepting the recommendations of the STRB, has been prevented from making teachers’ conditions of service worse, nothing has changed for the better for teachers.

Phil Clarke, Secretary of Lewes, Eastbourne and Wealden NUT said: “Teachers dedicate themselves to their jobs and striking is never easy. This strike is about not only our own pay and conditions but is also the long term future of education for all children. School holidays, most of which are already spent working do not make up for 60 hour weeks which the government’s own survey reveals is the norm for teachers. Working such excessive hours until 68 years old while pay is forced down is already causing a recruitment crisis that is only going to get worse. Parents unfortunately put out by this strike should lay blame solely with the government and Michael Gove. He refuses enter into meaningful talks and leave us with no choice if we are to make ourselves heard.

The TeacherRoar site has an excellent post here by a teacher who explains the reasons for the strike:

"I’m striking on Wednesday, March 26th because there is literally no other recourse to action to indicate just how desperate the situation is for the concept of an equal, universal education in this country. With the September 2014 abolition of National Curriculum Levels, each school will become a lonely outpost working on its own way of assessing children. In effect, the guaranteed equality of the national expected progress for each year group will vanish, which will lead to a patchwork of ideas which may bear little resemblance to the school a half mile away. Education is  becoming a centralised set of rigid exam barriers for children to overcome, while simultaneously the state provision of education is being dissolved."

You can read more reasons for the strike action here

List of strike day rallies and meeting places here


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