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Topic: Banks

How to fight the payday loan sharks

1 Nov 2012: Carl Packman on the rise and rise of payday loans and how the problem of loan sharks can be challenged.
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Hold big banks to account - move your money!

2 Jul 2012: "The only way to hold big banks to account is to use our consumer power and move our money."
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Loan sharks and the payday loan industry

11 Jun 2012: To take a browse at household debt today is enough to give most a nosebleed.
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Beyond Austerity: A Growth Plan for Europe

7 May 2012: Duncan Weldon reports on a Beyond Austerity Rome conference and austerity's failure to deliver recovery.
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Move your money month starts today

1 Mar 2012: Move your money month begins – pledge to move your money now!
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The move your money campaign

5 Feb 2012: How you can get big banking to think again.
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Driving the moneychangers from the temple: a technical guide

1 Nov 2011: A cunning plan to use the government's Localism Bill to declare London's Pasternoster Square a community asset, purchase it … and drive the moneychangers from the temple.
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Reclaim the City: Restore democracy to the Square Mile

31 Oct 2011: The Corporation of London has given St Paul's protestors 48 hours to leave. But it's time we challenged the City's chiefs
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We rescued the banks. Here’s how they can help us rescue the economy.

28 Sep 2011: There is a growing momentum behind the idea that the government's holdings in high street banks should be used for investment to boost the economy
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How powerful corporate interests transferred the costs of the crash onto others

15 Aug 2011: Professor David Beetham probes the "unelected oligarchy" at the heart of government
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