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Topic: Children and young people

Growing funding crisis in local government threatens public services

18 Jan 2015: A growing funding crisis in local government is threatening the future of local public services in England.
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Job prospects for youngsters outside full-time education are deteriorating rapidly

23 Jun 2014: Young people not in full-time education are now less likely to be in work than people of other ages - and their prospects are declining
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Insulted, exploited and insecure: young people deserve Fair Pay

29 Mar 2014: Students' single biggest concern for their future: the job market.
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From Birmingham: of short breaks and eligibility criteria

15 Mar 2013: The West Midlands Social Work Action Network on the growing issues in Birmingham with council proposals for short breaks for children with disabilities and their families.
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How the UK’s “social” recession looks

28 Feb 2013: How the economic crisis and government cuts impact on the provision of children’s services by local authorities and community groups.
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Birmingham cuts: protest days organised for next week

18 Feb 2013: On 26 February, Birmingham City Council will meet to vote on the cuts amounting to £102m this year and £625m by 2016 to 2017.
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The new austerity and the end of the welfare state

26 Nov 2012: Will we have a social security safety net left at all by 2020?
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We’re making a list: council budget and service cuts 2013-2014 and beyond

21 Nov 2012: We're collating information about council budget, service and jobs cuts around the country. Add yours too.
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Women’s refuge network in the UK could be “decimated” by universal credit

18 Sep 2012: How a toxic combination of Universal Credit and benefit caps could trap people in abusive relationships.
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From Birmingham: welfare reforms make child poverty target “unachievable”

16 Sep 2012: A look at how Universal Credit and welfare "reform" affects Birmingham.
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Youth unemployment: new analysis

20 Jun 2012: The TUC tracks long term youth unemployment patterns.
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Child poverty is absolute and relative

5 Jun 2012: A new campaign is raising awareness of the social impact of inequality – and you can help.
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Video: The battle over Derbyshire county council youth services

29 Apr 2012: Service users and local people fight a Derbyshire county council proposal to cut youth service budgets and outsource.
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The chaos for families caught in care cuts

13 Mar 2012: The first in our series of interviews with those dealing first-hand with swingeing cuts to benefits and local services.
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Birmingham council to decide cuts

28 Feb 2012: Birmingham City Council to vote through £100m in cuts. Here's what we won and what we're losing.
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Youth services are being savaged by government cuts

14 Jul 2011: Youth centres across the UK face closure, and experienced youth workers thrown out of work
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New analysis shows women and children will bear the brunt of the cuts

8 Dec 2010: New analysis of the budget and spending review shows clearly that women and children will bear the brunt of the cuts.
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Students vs the asset strippers: who will win?

2 Dec 2010: Two days ago, I stood outside Oxford's Cheney School as almost the entire sixth-form walked out of their classes.
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure