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Topic: Education

Fees have failed - march on parliament to demand free education!

17 Nov 2014: On November 19, thousands of students will march on Parliament to demand an end to tuition fees and education cuts as well as the abolition of student debt.
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Support the teachers’ strike: 26 March 2014

25 Mar 2014: "I’m striking on Wednesday, March 26 to indicate just how desperate the situation is for the concept of an equal, universal education in this country."
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The teachers’ strike: the reasons

9 Feb 2014: More on the reasons for the national teachers' strike across England and Wales on Wednesday 26 March.
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#TeacherROAR: why teachers are striking today

17 Oct 2013: Today, teachers in the'North East, Cumbria, London, South East and South West'will go on strike. This is the third in a series of rolling strike action by two teaching unions, the NUT and the NASUWT.
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Project Hero deserves a zero: comment on our student loans interest increase story

14 Jun 2013: Higher Education specialist Andrew McGettigan on the realities and costs people will face with "monetising" of student loans
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Lost arts: recording devastating cuts and putting the case for arts and culture

19 Oct 2012: Introducing a three year project to catalogue the effects of art cuts.
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New report shows higher education reforms will increase national debt

18 May 2012: Dr Andrew McGettigan’s report assesses liabilities of the government's higher education funding reforms.
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Retired or dead: the real winners from Clegg’s ‘fair’ fees

9 Dec 2010: The new dodgy dossier - how the government's claim that its tuition fees policy is progressive rests on graduates retiring, getting injured or dying prematurely.
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Students vs the asset strippers: who will win?

2 Dec 2010: Two days ago, I stood outside Oxford's Cheney School as almost the entire sixth-form walked out of their classes.
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VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure