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Topic: Legal aid

Government cuts to legal aid weren’t based on evidence, reveals Public Accounts Committee

16 Feb 2015: The committee's key finding is that while the government rapidly reduced spending on civil legal aid, it has “introduced…[these]…major changes on the basis of no evidence in many areas…”
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Protests against legal aid cuts today

6 Jan 2014: A national day of action by barristers and solicitors and a Justice Alliance demonstration today highlight serious concerns with proposed legal aid changes
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Roads blocked for justice!

6 Oct 2013: Excellent work from UK Uncut, Disabled People Against the Cuts, Plane Stupid and Fuel Poverty Action yesterday, who blocked roads in a mass protest at cuts to legal aid.
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UK Uncut roadblocks: all go for October 5. Save legal aid!

2 Oct 2013: Roadblock protests will go ahead this weekend, campaign group UK Uncut have confirmed, as the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, reiterated plans to slash legal aid in his speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.
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Resist cuts to legal aid: no justice, no peace

27 Aug 2013: UK Uncut: civil disobedience to fight cuts to legal aid and to resist the government’s plans to block access to justice.
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The Tories threaten to completely corrupt our justice system

7 Jun 2013: The excellent Birmingham Against Cuts on the government's campaign of destruction against our justice system.
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The cuts to the civil and criminal legal aid budget

2 Jun 2013: Young Legal Aid Laywers on the proposals that represent a major attack on the rule of law.
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Equality before the law: a principle abandoned by Britain

13 Feb 2013: Citizens Advice Bureau adviser Deborah Pafield asks: At what point did Britain decide that legal rights don’t apply to poor people?
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At the Hackney migrant centre: asylum in austerity

21 Jan 2013: Hackney lawyer Nathaniel Mathews meets with people who are waiting for their immigration papers.
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Birmingham Law Centre faces closure as council refuses funding

10 Jan 2013: Access to legal advice threatened even further as more and more people require it.
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The people who will suffer the most as legal aid is cut

25 Oct 2012: Nathaniel Matthews at the Hackney Community Law Centre explains how legal aid cuts will hit.
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This week: Commons considers Lords amendments to Legal Aid Bill

16 Apr 2012: We need to contact MPs to make sure the Lords' amendments are backed now.
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New report: MPs will struggle to help constituents after legal aid changes

2 Apr 2012: Young Legal Aid Lawyers visit MPs and constituents to find out how changes will impact
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Coming soon … MPs Direct!

26 Mar 2012: Has your MP thought through the consequences of voting for legal aid cuts?
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Vital legal aid bill amendments for discussion

7 Mar 2012: An update from Justice for All on the legal aid bill being debated this week.
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Factsheet: 5 things you need to know about the legal aid bill

2 Mar 2012: The legal aid bill is the government's next legislative disaster-in-waiting. Read our essential factsheet.
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Research reveals that reforms to legal aid will not generate substantial savings

7 Feb 2012: An update on the costs of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill.
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Legal aid cuts aren’t just unfair. They will cost more than they save

10 Oct 2011: The Government has dismissed evidence of the false economy of legal aid cuts, yet refused to conduct its own research
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VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure