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Topic: Legal challenge

Supreme Court to hear government’s appeal on the workfare regulations

28 Jul 2013: Tomorrow, the Supreme Court considers the DWP's appeal against the unanimous judgment which held that the regulations under which most of the government’s Back to Work schemes were created were unlawful.
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Why I am suing the government over DLA and PIP

9 Apr 2013: Steven Sumpter at Latent Existence receives Disability Living Allowance. In this post, he explains why he is challenging the government's DLA changes in court and how those changes will affect him.
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Government fails to prevent legal challenge to bedroom tax

27 Mar 2013: The Government has failed in its attempt to prevent legal action against its controversial bedroom tax, after permission was granted for a judicial review of the regulations.
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From bedroom to ballroom to courtroom: fighting for independence

14 Mar 2013: Writer, performer and Independent Living Fund recipient Penny Pepper on the first day in court to fight government plans to close the ILF.
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Legal challenge launched against ‘unfair’ government disability test

14 Dec 2012: Joint statement from Patrick Lynch, DPAC, Public Interest Lawyers and False Economy on work capability assessment legal challenge.
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Councils’ lack of cash hits 7,000 elderly and disabled people

8 Jul 2012: Our FOI research into social care cuts is in the Independent today.
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Putting austerity in the dock: how to fight cuts by legal means

16 May 2012: Lee Godfrey explains how the Surrey Libraries Action Movement successfully challenged library cuts.
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A glimmer of hope: we can stop the privatisation of the NHS

1 May 2012: Campaigner Caroline Molloy explains how Gloucestershire people stopped a major NHS privatisation decision.
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Keep our NHS Public Gloucestershire campaign guides

1 May 2012: How to get information from NHS decisionmakers and how to influence them.
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Legal challenge to West Lancashire council cuts

4 Jan 2012: Ground-breaking action would challenge whole cuts process rather than just the effect on an individual service.
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Council faces legal challenge over bus cuts

17 May 2011: A local authority cutting all council-funded bus services is facing legal action by one of its residents.
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Three ways to challenge the cuts in court

4 Apr 2011: How judicial reviews can be used to challenge cuts in the High Court.
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