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Topic: Libraries

Why we need libraries

8 Feb 2014: Today is National Libraries Day. In this post, Lousie Whittle explains what libraries mean to her and how cuts to library services are affecting people:
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Occupied Friern Barnet library: ‘The Council’s position has changed’

14 Jan 2013: More on the fight to keep Friern Barnet library in community hands and how community pressure can wrongfoot a council.
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The Friern Barnet people’s library and their day in court

18 Dec 2012: Blogger Mrs Angry on the occupation of Friern Barnet library and what the protest means for all.
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Speak Up for Libraries conference this week

6 Nov 2012: Library campaigners to meet to continue the battle to save local libraries.
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Keep up the fight for libraries at November’s Speak Up For Libraries Conference

2 Oct 2012: Followup event to this year's lobby of parliament on the severe cuts facing public libraries in the UK.
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Women in unions map cuts across the country

18 Jun 2012: More evidence of the disproportionate impact on women of cuts to jobs, public services, and welfare
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Putting austerity in the dock: how to fight cuts by legal means

16 May 2012: Lee Godfrey explains how the Surrey Libraries Action Movement successfully challenged library cuts.
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Action continues as people fight for libraries

9 Apr 2012: How campaigners continue to fight for local libraries.
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Speak Up For Libraries: lobby parliament on Tuesday

11 Mar 2012: Join library users from across the UK and tell MPs that supporting libraries is essential.
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Birmingham council to decide cuts

28 Feb 2012: Birmingham City Council to vote through £100m in cuts. Here's what we won and what we're losing.
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Wandsworth residents didn’t ‘volunteer’ to run their library. They had no choice

11 Nov 2011: A radio debate showed not only why people volunteer in libraries but the problems they face and, sadly, how they are being used by politicians.
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Ed Vaizey: you can run but you can’t hide (from the Women’s Institute)

14 Jun 2011: Culture minister Ed Vaizey has proved elusive when it comes to awkward questions on libraries.
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Interview: Philip Pullman on saving libraries

5 Feb 2011: Author Philip Pullman filmed at Oxford Central Library this morning where he spoke at a read-in to oppose "spiteful and barbaric" cuts.
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A government that promised a Big Society is taking steps that will destroy a small one

2 Feb 2011: Good public services are not just a convenience for my North Wales village: they are its beating heart. Now it's losing its library.
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“Too precious to destroy” – Philip Pullman stands up for public libraries

25 Jan 2011: More than 300 people attended a packed meeting to defend Oxford's libraries, where Philip Pullman gave this inspiring speech
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Library closures: the full, infuriating picture

11 Jan 2011: If this map of cuts and proposed cuts to libraries doesn't make you angry, nothing will.
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