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Topic: Pensions

More strike action on the 10th and beyond: firefighters to strike across 8 days

6 Jul 2014: Firefighters in England and Wales will strike on eight consecutive days this month in protest at unacceptable, unworkable, unrealistic government attacks on firefighters’ pensions.
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Cameron’s all-out assault on public sector workers

9 Dec 2011: Cutting pensions is just one part of the government's attack on public sector workers, writes Richard Blogger
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Survey reveals mass exit threat to public sector pensions

21 Nov 2011: A mass exodus from public sector pensions due to government changes would lead to more poverty and higher costs.
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How privatisation drives NHS pensions into deficit

17 Nov 2011: Transferring staff to the private sector won't just cut employees' future pensions. It will increase the government’s liability for existing pensioners
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This is not a pension reform – it is simply a pay cut

29 Jun 2011: Nigel Stanley demolishes the myths used to justify cuts to public sector pensions.
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure