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Topic: Transport

Rail fares rise shows public ownership is the only option for rail

19 Aug 2014: Rail fares are due to rise again in January 2015, with the rate to be announced on 19 August 2014 - that's today!
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Great video about the fight against London Underground ticket office closures

23 Jan 2014: A really good film here from Reel News about the threats to London Underground ticket offices and staff:
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Why I am suing the government over DLA and PIP

9 Apr 2013: Steven Sumpter at Latent Existence receives Disability Living Allowance. In this post, he explains why he is challenging the government's DLA changes in court and how those changes will affect him.
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PIP faces legal challenge!

8 Apr 2013: Wearespartacus.org.uk challenges changes to the new PIP (Personal Independence Payments replacing DLA or Disability Living Allowance) mobility criteria.
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Wednesday: Day of action against cuts to rail staff numbers

26 Mar 2013: Day of Action on staff cuts: Wednesday 27 March. Action for Rail campaigners will be getting out and about and meeting passengers at stations around the UK.
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Action for rail: stop cuts to station, train and maintenance and safety staff

21 Mar 2013: Join Action for Rail on their day of action against staff cuts - 27 March!
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Changes to mobility allowances under PIP – ask your MP to stop this injustice!

13 Jan 2013: Thousand of people are likely to lose their entitlement to mobility allowances under government plans.
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Well over 100,000 to lose Motability vehicles under draconian new rules

16 Dec 2012: PIP rules mean that many disabled people will no longer qualify for the all-important Motability scheme.
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Action for Rail: join the fight against inflation-busting rail fare rises!

9 Dec 2012: Average rail fares will go up by 3.9 per cent from January. Join the fight against eye-watering fare increases!
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Time for a fair, efficient national integrated railway under public ownership

31 Aug 2012: Matt Dykes explains the impact of First Group's award of the West Coast franchise - and how privatisation has failed and failed public rail.
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Stop the rail fare rip-off – join #FareFail on 3 January

3 Jan 2012: Our trains are already the most expensive in Europe – it's time to say enough is enough.
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One in five council-run bus services have been cut

21 Oct 2011: Freedom of Information requests reveal scale of damage to public transport
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Don’t price us off the trains – the government must halt this unfair fares hike

12 Aug 2011: As part of their austerity cuts, the government is planning to raise rail fares by 28% by 2015.
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Video: Save our buses – young people speak out against the cuts

2 Jun 2011: Many young people, especially in rural areas, are dependent on bus services that are being cut
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Council faces legal challenge over bus cuts

17 May 2011: A local authority cutting all council-funded bus services is facing legal action by one of its residents.
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Play video: Why cuts are the wrong cure
VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure