False Economy ran from 2010-2015. This site is no longer being updated, but the False Economy research team continue to report at Sentinel News.
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Topic: Video

New short film with the Daily Mirror: Save the Independent Living Fund! #SaveILF

21 Sep 2014: Disabled people talk about their right to live independent lives and the role that Independent Living Fund support plays in that. The government must not be allowed to close the ILF.
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Why not to privatise council services: Barnet council (and others…)

8 Nov 2012: A short film with more on why not to outsource public services to the private sector.
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Video: What’s the point of Nick Clegg?

5 Jan 2012: The fabulous Captain SKA asks the question that's on everyone's lips.
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Let’s work together – to get this single to number one

20 Nov 2011: Let's Work Together is released today by a group of music-loving public sector workers - let's get it to number one
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I’m a trader … I go to bed every night dreaming of a recession

27 Sep 2011: BBC presenter speechless as trader tells truth – or does he?
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Video: Voices for the alternative

11 May 2011: In their own words: an excellent compilation of 26 March protesters' views.
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Video: Robin Hood Tax hits the road

12 Apr 2011: Robin Hood Tax campaigners are finding out about cuts across Britain. Their video dispatches bring home just what we are losing.
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“Today is a true reflection of society” – video report of 26 March

4 Apr 2011: Tells the story of one group of campaigners from Northampton who joined the March for the Alternative on 26 March.
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Video: A mother stands up for the NHS

1 Apr 2011: Quite simply one of the most moving and passionate defences of the NHS we've seen.
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Video: Cuts are not the cure

31 Mar 2011: A brilliant animation based on the arguments in False Economy's "Cuts are the wrong cure" section
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All Together for the NHS: Michael Moore sends a message of support

28 Mar 2011: Hot on the heels of the March for the Alternative, 1 April has been declared “All Together for the NHS” day.
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Video: It cuts both ways – alternatives to austerity

25 Mar 2011: Movie on alternatives to the cuts featuring Bill Nighy, economist Ann Pettifor, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien, UK Uncut and False Economy.
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TUC 60-second ad contest: And the winner is…

23 Mar 2011: This year's TUC's 60-second ad contest received a record-breaking 41 entries. Here are the winners.
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Video: a brilliant demolition of Osborne’s austerity economics

16 Dec 2010: Professor Mark Blyth explains why public debt is not the same as private in a short film that is both clear and entertaining.
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Six videos of tax dodger protests from around the country

6 Dec 2010: Film of UK Uncut protests against Philip Green's Top Shop and other stores in Cambridge, Birmingham, London and Brighton.
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