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Topic: Women

How 85% of tax and benefit ‘savings’ have been at the expense of women

8 Feb 2015: How JSA demands and benefit cuts indirectly discriminate against women.
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This discrimination against new mothers at work must end

2 Dec 2014: A new TUC report suggests that we’ve still got a way to go in terms of supporting women to have children and to continue to work.
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£1.5 billion of cuts to benefits for pregnant women and babies

23 Nov 2014: The benefit cuts have hit families when they need support most and when poverty can do permanent damage to children.
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Equal pay? Not by a long way…

5 Nov 2014: One in four women working full-time earns less than the living wage, compared to one in six men. The situation is even worse for those in part time work.
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Layers of inequality: impact of public spending cuts on black, asian and minority women

9 Jul 2013: A new report demonstrates the far-reaching impacts of public spending cuts and social security "reform" on BAME women in Coventry.
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Valentine’s Day protest: Save Lewisham hospital services!

15 Feb 2013: Really good short video on yesterday's protest against Jeremy Hunt's attacks on Lewisham hospital services.
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Not long to go: UK Uncut, December 8 and a wakeup call for tax dodgers…

29 Nov 2012: UK Uncut's plan to transform Starbucks into nationwide Refuges from the Cuts is taking shape...
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Women’s refuge network in the UK could be “decimated” by universal credit

18 Sep 2012: How a toxic combination of Universal Credit and benefit caps could trap people in abusive relationships.
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How cuts to maternity services are threatening health and care

20 Jul 2012: Women affected again: a growing sense of frustration at short-sighted cuts to NHS maternity services.
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The disproportionate effects of service cuts on older women

19 Jul 2012: A new report challenges the myth that pensioners are ‘getting off lightly’ with spending cuts.
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Women in unions map cuts across the country

18 Jun 2012: More evidence of the disproportionate impact on women of cuts to jobs, public services, and welfare
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Living on the edge: pay in local government

22 Feb 2012: Women and part time workers are the majority of local government workers - and most vulnerable to the pay squeeze.
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Don’t let the cuts turn back time on women’s equality

18 Nov 2011: On average, women earn less, own less, and are more likely to work and retire in poverty than men. The cuts are making things worse.
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Women and the Cuts: A toolkit for campaigners

16 Nov 2011: The TUC and Coventry Women's Voices have produced an invaluable toolkit for challenging the disproportionate effect of cuts on women
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Research shows how cuts will increase inequality between men and women

19 May 2011: Report outlines how women are being hit by a combination of benefit and local service cuts.
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New analysis shows women and children will bear the brunt of the cuts

8 Dec 2010: New analysis of the budget and spending review shows clearly that women and children will bear the brunt of the cuts.
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VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure