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The second People’s Review of the work capability assessment

This is very much worth a read: the second user-based We Are Spartacus review of the failed Employment and Support Allowance work capability assessment that has brought so much distress to people who need ESA.

The review is particularly good because it contains so many testimonies from people who've been through the WCA process. As the anonymous authors say:

The review "highlights the continuing failures of the WCA and the Employment & Support Allowance system, a system which is supposed to support people who are too sick or disabled to work. It includes the experiences of sick and disabled people going through the WCA process; advisers who assist people with their claims, press reports of WCA failings, of people dying and committing suicide and MPs’ accounts of desperate constituents approaching them for help. It also includes comments and quotes from the Government, the Upper Tribunal, professional bodies, medical organisations, individual medical professionals and the Church, and shows the high rate of successful appeals, the huge backlog of unheard appeals and the financial cost of a failing system.

Another year has passed and, despite the Government's promises, the evidence overwhelmingly shows that although, in principle, changes have been made and recommendations implemented, in practice most aspects of the WCA are still inept and damaging decisions are still being made."

The report authors also note that "The failings highlighted in this review are shocking. This is not a party political issue. It is a humanitarian one."

Indeed. Read the full report here.


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