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The unreported national scandal of benefit cuts and delays

This post is an extract from a very good piece on the ilegal.co.uk and Disabled People Against Cuts sites about the real impact of benefit cuts.

It is only the mainstream media’s failure to bring this state of chaos to the public’s attention which prevents it from being plastered all over the front page of every single national newspaper.

If this was people stuck in NHS waiting lists, awaiting their passports, unable to travel by train, stranded abroad,struggling to get money out of cash points, marooned in the channel tunnel, affected by adverse weather conditions or by striking public service workers the national newspapers would ensure it was in print for all to see.

Yet here in the UK we have a crisis of unprecedented proportions as thousands upon thousands wait month upon month to get the benefits to which they are entitled to - and hardly a word appears in any of the big hitting papers.

The British public are being deceived into believing that government’s welfare reforms are achieving the desired results with no unnecessary human suffering.

The mainstream media has a duty to report the mayhem which exists within the chaotic Department for Work & Pensions and must expose this mass maladministration of thousand of benefit claims.

What makes this all the more deplorable is the victims are by and large thousands of sick and disabled people who desperately need the right amount of cash to live on.

1 million delayed assessments/decisions, 1.7 million appeals and 1.3 million put through the sanction regime - is a collective 4 million exposed to some degree of benefit decision related chaos. How can 4 million people locked in government-backed chaos not be a national chaos?

Why is it not a national scandal and why are the media not talking about the huge waste of money and the terrible human costs of the welfare reform?

The chaotic Department for Work & Pensions fails to process people’s claims, leaving tens of thousands of claimants destitute & impoverished for months on end…..

On the 23rd June 2014, the then disability minister Mike Penning admitted in Parliament that the number of claimants awaiting an assessment for Employment & Support Allowance had stood stood at a staggering 766,000.

On the 5th June 2014, the DWP quietly produced statistics relating to the government’s new Personal Independence Payment statistics which showed that from April 2013 to March 2014, out of 349,000 new claims made, just 83,900 had reached the stage where a formal decision had been made on the applicant’s claim – a backlog of 265,100 claims where the claimant hasn’t received one single penny of the benefit for which they have applied.

Between the two benefits, Employment & Support Allowance and Personal Independence Payments, an eye watering 1,031,100 claimants have yet to receive the legal decision which determines their claim. It leaves claimants in absolute turmoil and completely unable to access the help they need.

It’s mayhem on a scale which has spiralled out of control.

See ilegal.co.uk and Disabled People Against Cuts to read the rest of this post.

See our DWP Unspun site for more on everything the government doesn't want you to know about the destruction of our social security safety net.


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