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There’s still time to persuade your MP to attend the WOW debate on Thursday

The WOW petition team has secured 11.30am 27 February at the House of Commons chamber as the time and place to debate the WOW petition. Let your MP know by using the contact details below. And read Sue Marsh's blog here on ways to respond if your MP has said they can't/wont go.

Also, read the DPAC and Black Triangle statement on Atos' seeking an early exit from its work capability assessment contract. The DPAC and Black Triangle statement details the extraordinary fight that campaigners have put up against the work capability assessment and has links to stories about the many problems and tragedies associated with Atos and the WCA.

The WOW petition debate:

The WOW petition calls for a cumulative impact assessment of the impact of the government's welfare reform changes on sick and disabled people.

A year of cajolling, persuading, writing to MPs, campaign groups, charities, anti austerity groups and many others had paid off and the WOW petition could relax, having completed the first part of what it had set out to achieve.

Now, of course, the hard part comes.

John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington has managed to secure in principle a full debate on the WOW Petition in the House of Commons at 11.30am on Thursday 27 February 2014.

To have any chance of success whatsoever, the WOW petition must persuade MPs of the case and get them to support the petition's aim. That’s no easy task, but it is vital that we try and this is how you can help.

Write to your MP and ask them to attend the debate. There is still time

Write to your local MP (you can find the details by using the Write to your MP tool) and we've produced a couple of suggested template letters  here (outline) and here (detailed)

Or if you'd prefer to e-mail your MP, we've put together an automated tool to help you compile and send it here.

Continue to spread the word

While signatures are now closed on the petition, every little bit of support can still make a difference to the campaign.

By promoting #WOWpetition on Twitter and Facebook - we'll be using Hashtag #WOWdebate2014 in the run up to the actual day - we can show how much support there is out there. Let family and friends know what we're doing and how they can help.

See the WOW petition for more.


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