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This Saturday: demonstrate in Leeds against the bedroom tax!

From Leeds Hands off Our Homes:

This Saturday, 20 April, will see one of the biggest demonstrations in Leeds we’ve seen for a long while, as we stand together and say NO TO THE BEDROOM TAX! NO TO EVICTIONS! BUILD COUNCIL HOUSING!

When: 12 noon
Where: Outside the Art Gallery, Victoria Gardens
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/431824633566630/

But we need a bit of help to make it amazing. Please let us know via email or Facebook if you can do any of the following:

- help setting up a PA system
- setting up/running stalls with petitions and information (about 9 people)
- selling badges for the campaign
- carrying banners on poles
- stewarding (wearing a high visibility jacket and making sure no-one wanders off the route/into traffic)
- giving out leaflets to the general public
- shaking buckets so we have the funds we need for the ongoing fight!
- giving out placards

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can make arrangements.

We also have 2 special events to lead up to the demonstration-

Tues 16 April - 'Street Music Workshop'
8-10pm, Heart Centre, Headingley
All budding percussionists and brass players come to form up a superband for the demo on Saturday. Let's make some serious noise!

Thur 18 April - 'Drink for Bedrooms'
Come along to Wharf Chambers Cooperative Club (Wharf Street, near bus station) for a fundraising and banner-making session for the demo on Saturday. Free entry. https://www.facebook.com/events/595627160449344/?fref=ts
And..... bring your friends! Your neighbours! Anyone you’ve ever met. It will be sunny and we will be angry. We mean business.
2. Stop the bedroom tax – some tactics for those affected and supporters

1) Don’t sign any ‘declaration’ from your housing provider

2) Challenge your ‘Housing Benefit decision notice’. http://handsoffourhomes.org.uk/2013/03/21/appealing-against-a-bedroom-tax-decision-crosspost/

3) Write to your councillor and ask them to publicly support a ‘no evictions, no debt’ position on the Bedroom Tax. http://handsoffourhomes.org.uk/2013/03/18/does-your-local-councillor-stand-with-tenants-or-with-the-goverment/

4) Support friends and neighbours affected by the bedroom tax - sitting in with people during meetings with housing/rent officers to make sure they are not being intimidated or told misleading things. Also, sending letters of support for people who don't want to move.

See you on the streets!
And remember.... this is only the beginning.


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