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Tonight: start the Hashtag Hijack to save the Independent Living Fund #SaveILF

From Disabled People Against Cuts:

As almost 20,000 disabled people across the UK wait to hear the decision in the latest round of High Court battles over the government's callous decision to close the Independent Living Fund - the #SaveILF Campaign will tour the most popular hashtags in the UK over the next few weeks to highlight this attack on disabled people's right to independent living.

Video: Independent Living Fund recipients talk about their fight to save the fund

We're all in it together - aren't we? from Moore Lavan Films on Vimeo.

The ILF is a standalone fund which people with severe disabilities use to pay for added care and support to live independently in their homes. The government has made two attempts to close ILF. The first attempt was overturned by the court of appeal at the end of last year. The government came back in 2014 and announced again that it would close the fund. Disabled people went back to court and are waiting for a decision.

Following the massive support DPAC has already received for the ILF Postcard Campaign from the stars of ITV1 soap Corrie, BBC1 soap Eastenders and BBC1 hit drama Silent Witness, #SaveILF will go on a Hashtag Hijack, hijacking some of the most popular TV shows, sports and leisure events, and viral hits every week.

You can help to tell the nation why ILF is so important and what people can do to support the campaign to save it.

Beginning tonight with BBC1’s Question Time, DPAC is asking all members, friends and supporters to join in Hijack the Hashtag: #BBCQT from 10pm until the end of the show at 11.30pm.

Use #SaveILF and #bbcqt in all your Tweets. You can follow @Dis_PPL_Protest, and share DPAC's tweets, or you can go here: http://dftr.org.uk/Songbird.php?TweetFile=SaveILF and select from some favourites.

Linda Burnip, a founding member of DPAC and part of the #SaveILF Campaign said ‘we have beaten the previous Minister on this already. This new case represents the last desperate act of a desperate department which hasn’t got a single decision right since this government came to power‘.

Read the full post at Disabled People Against Cuts.


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