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Video: Save our buses – young people speak out against the cuts

With cuts to bus services, changes to concessionary fare schemes and uncertainty surrounding the replacement for EMA, young people starting post-16 education this year face an uncertain future. Campaign for Better Transport was concerned that young people's views were not being taken into account when transport funding decisions were being made, and worked with a number of youth groups and teenagers to produce this short film. They will deliver it to education secretary Michael Gove today.
“I think it’s essential that the people making the decisions look at bus cuts from our perspective,” said 14-year-old Samuel Watkin, from Maidstone, who appeared in the film. “We are the ones who will bear the brunt of these cuts because public transport is a lifeline for so many young people who can't drive and can't rely on their parents for lifts. That why I wanted to make this film, to show the real issues affecting young people like me across the country."

Get involved in the campaign to Save Our Buses.


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VIDEO: Why cuts are the wrong cure