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Will Labour protect disabled people? Pat’s Petition goes to Westminster to find out

From Pat Onions, of Pat's Petition:

After weeks of waiting - sorting out the logistics of travel to London – Pat’s Petition finally has a date for meeting with Liam Byrne MP, Labour's Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary. Wednesday 6 February will see five of us at Westminster.

This meeting could not be happening at a more crucial moment in the long, sad history of this persecution. Because there is so much visible distress and so much suffering is now happening in real time in the public arena – before the eyes of the nation – people are beginning to see through the spin and myths – and see the truth.

There were two very serious debates in parliament last week. In the debate called by Michael Meacher on WCA and ATOS - MP after MP queued up to recite the litany of appalling cases that they had seen in their surgeries. Thank you Michael.

In the debate in the House of Lords, motion proposed by Baroness Hollis, Lord Freud showed once again that he does not care.

The Centre of Welfare reform also released a report this week, How the cuts affect disabled people (PDF).

So Pat’s Petition is going to Westminster to talk to Labour. We are hopefully going to finalise arrangements for an Opposition Day debate calling for a Cumulative Impact Assessment. Someone has to measure and record this persecution. Looking the other way and saying it is all too difficult is no longer an option.

This night of a thousand cuts cannot carry on unchallenged. Disabled people, their carers, families and friends cannot take any more. The financial stress is overwhelming and the emotional stress is more than we can bear. The public are on our side now that the myths are exploding and they can actually see what is being done in their name.

So we are going to ask Liam what Labour will do to help us.

What will Labour promise us to protect us?

How you can help

It is vital you lobby your contacts across all parties; stress how much you/your members need a Cumulative Impact Assessment undertaken.

Send us a supporting statement of why you think so a.s.a.p. - No later than Feb 1st. This will be shared across social media platforms so more people can see your concerns.

We will also print them to take with us when we meet with Liam.

We look forward to your response.

Please do circulate to your networks so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

Pat x


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