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The 99% Against Austerity, The Peoples Revolution 

When: Saturday 4 May 2013, 2:00pm


Where: All towns and cities ,

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We are supporting demonstrations throughout the UK highlighting that we the people will not stand by and let this government ruin our country and our dignity by enforcing austerity on us whilst they get tax breaks, for the cuts to our national services, the lack of jobs, creating the new bedroom tax where our children are forced to share rooms smaller than the politicians closets, the constant lies by the government, the high prices of living and just the way we are treated and to prove that we are not the shirkers and scroungers that they make this nation out to be.

WE SAY NO austerity, the bedroom tax, workfare, the cuts to our healthcare and services.

WE WANT a livable wage, a government that works for all the people not just the 1%.

We demand the end of this corrupt governmental system who’s only interest is profit for the few and misery for the many.

The removal of this government with an interim government with a guaranteed election at a date chosen by the people.

A constitution written by the people for the people.

A new political party to be established with the interest of the people.

With mass national protests and strike action we can achieve this.
Coaches are planned covering the country at a subsidised rate.Please PM Kaz Allen.

Also check out the posts as events are also in Edinburgh and Cardiff. Protests in your home towns are also encouraged on this day.

This is a nonviolent event If a little guy from India could do it so can we!
Violence will not be tolerated. This is a peaceful protest there already is enough violence around.

twitter: @liberatinguk

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